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I'm a physician doctor with an MD degree. My passion for teaching has always been appreciated by students with whom I have shared my knowledge. I'm a passionate teacher of medical biochemistry and would like to share my knowledge about this beautiful subject with all those who is interested to learn to understand the cellular metabolic events and to understand the metabolic disease process. I would like to learn new things by keeping myself updated with current research in the field. Let us share the knowledge each other!!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sample Question on Detoxification (Xenobiotics Metabolism)

Sample Question on Detoxification (Xenobiotics Metabolism)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gluconeogenesis Precursors

This video is for quick review for USMLE step1 on precursors of gluconeogenesis and important enzymes. Some of the precursors discussed are alanine, lactate, glycerol and propionyl CoA. All important enzymes of gluconeogenesis is covered in the quick review on gluconeogenesis for USMLE step1.

Video link for detailed gluconeogenesis process

Glycogen Storage Diseases

This video is a super fast high yield review for those who need a quick recap of all glycogen storage disorders for their step1 USMLE review or for any exam review. In this video I have covered all glycogen storage disorders like Von Gierke disease, Pompe disease, McArdle disease, Tarui disease, Hers disease, Andersen disease, Cori's disease. All high yield points are covered about all glycogen storage disorders.
Links for my videos on individual glycogen storage disorders are as below.
Von Gierke disease
Pompe disease