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I'm a physician doctor with an MD degree. My passion for teaching has always been appreciated by students with whom I have shared my knowledge. I'm a passionate teacher of medical biochemistry and would like to share my knowledge about this beautiful subject with all those who is interested to learn to understand the cellular metabolic events and to understand the metabolic disease process. I would like to learn new things by keeping myself updated with current research in the field. Let us share the knowledge each other!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Relationship between blood pH and Pka of amino acids.

Brief explanation video on blood pH and pKa of amino acids.

Brief explanation video on blood pH and its effects on functional groups in amino acids 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Question on Protein structural organization

Which part of the protein is generally resistant for degradation, why is it so and name some diseases where this type of protein fragment being accumulated in various tissues? 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Today's question (September 8th, 2014)

Which amino acid has a secondary amino group and is a special amino acid and why? 

Welcome to Fall 2014 BIOCHEMISTRY students!!

Welcome to FALL 2014 BIOCHEMISTRY students!!

Dear students, I heartily welcome you to biochemistry class and the biochemistry blog. For the next three and half months I would make sure learning biochemistry both interesting and informative. All it takes to learn this subject is, in the first place, to LOVE this subject. I would recommend to go over the contents of my slides prior to the lecture, be attentive during the lecture and review the slides after the lecture. Once you have done this then start doing the practice questions. more practice question you do is better for you. Once you understood the concept, practice questions, practice questions and practice questions is the key!! 

Almost everyday I will be posting some thought provoking single liner and case based questions here, keep checking the page once per day. 

I wish you the best.
Dr Mungli